• Water is Life

    Access to clean water are a daily struggle for women and their families

    Without access and control over water, women in dryland communities cannot maintain a healthy life, support their daily food needs, meet their income-earning potentials, and sustain their environment.

  • Water is Life

    Clean Water is vital for building health & productive lives of Women

    We understand access to and control over water is a key driver for empowering women to improve their health, productivity and rights in dry-land areas in Malawi

  • Water is Life

    Every woman should have a convenient access to clean and safe water.

    We engage and build capacities of women to not only access clean water but also to take control over its productive and sustainable uses

About Footsteps Africa

Footsteps Africa is a local innovative organization in Malawi founded in 2015 to transform women’s lives through decentralized clean water structures. We are registered with the NGO Board of Malawi with a charity registration number: NGO/L/017/021.

The organization was setup to Build community-owned and managed clean water structures and promote hygiene education and improved sanitation practices

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Sustainability Strategies

The Ten Practical Sustainability Strategies at Footsteps African.

At Footsteps Africa sustainability is an integral part of our work. This is reflected in our mission of work and what we do. Our whole organization mission of work and program strategies are built around sustainability. And we perceive sustainability through our key ten practical strategies:

What Inspires Our Work

43% of the 18 million population of Malawi live in the dry rift-valley areas where women and girls walk more than 2 hours to collect water that they don’t have control over. Without convenient access and control over sources of water, marginal women and their families are subject to poor health and unproductivity.

Our approach centers around building sustainable community water structures that generate clean water for women and their families.

Our Projects

Clean Water per Village

Clean Water Per Village is our main program that drill and install boreholes in dry-land villages…..

Gardens for Food and Income for Women

This project organize and train women to establish regenerative food gardens around community water structures.

Building Financial Skills for Women

This project has organized 1467 women into savings groups around the boreholes, and trained women….

Our Videos

Explore the inspiring journey of change and empowerment through our video section at Footsteps Africa.

Our Partners

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